Cost-effective Mobile Dog Groomers in Hitchin, Codicote, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City Hatfield & surrounding areas 

The prices below are based on a dog that is professionally groomed every 6/8 weeks and without any knots and tangles. Each dog is assessed individually and an approximate quote can only be given once we have seen your dog.

All prices include bath, dry, brush, trim (if necessary) and nail cutting:

Puppies from £25


Small breed washes from £30

Small breed with a trim from £35


Medium breed washes from £35

Medium breed with a trim from £40


Large and giant breeds from £60


Hand-stripping from £55


Additional services:

Nail cutting £10

Flea treatment £10

Teeth cleaning £35 one off consultation followed by £15 follow up treatments. (Emmipet product used)


The cost may vary from visit to visit depending on the condition of the coat. More tangles and matts means more time working on your pet which equates to a higher cost. The best way to reduce the cost is to brush regularly in-between visits and keep regular appointments.

Please ask about our discounts as we offer them for 3 dogs or more from the same home, registered assistance dogs and we also have introductory offers.

If you live in Stevenage, Codicote, Hitchin, Welwyn Garden City or Hatfield and you are looking for mobile dog groomers, why not get in touch?